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Shazia’s Testimony

“I had a dream and saw myself in a jungle. Before me was a sea with people standing beyond the sea. In my dream, I walked towards the people and I felt comfortable, like I had known them before.

I met a Christian woman at work. Her name is Mehwish. She told me about Jesus, and I loved this Jesus that I could see in her. We worked together, we went to church, and I felt a happiness and something special from Jesus. But I didn’t have assurance. I was scared. I loved going to church, but I was still scared. At that time, I was living in a Middle Eastern country. My friend Mehwish moved and I came to another Muslim country.

When I arrived here, a friend took me to church with her. When I first started coming to church here, I felt the Lord Jesus touch me, and the same happiness I felt before I now feel here.

When I accepted Jesus, I found it is the real way to go. I feel love and peace. And anytime I pray, I feel like a daughter of God. It’s not like with the Muslims; just following rules. God is my Father, He listens to me, and to everything I say and tell Him. I’m so happy to know Jesus and live this life with Him.

Let’s take a minute to ponder that there are people not as privileged, growing up to know the Way, the Truth and The Life.  Pray that God will continue to grant them visions and dreams. Pray that they will meet believers to help them be established in the word and to grow in the knowledge of Christ.


*Names and Places have been changed for security reasons.