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AH Helps Establish “Blessing Center” in Jordan

Vision: Empowering widowed women to be able to support their families with competence and dignity and to continue to influence their communities.

Mission: Helping widows and abandoned women to face life by taking care of their psychological, spiritual, and physical needs.

Update: Ananias House assisted in establishing the Al Baraka’s Center for Widows because of the growing need for a facility for the elderly and widows in Jordan. 

This center currently serves more than 60 widows, most of whom have no monthly income. As a result of the funding received, a production center has been established where some handicrafts are being made and sold. These women can now earn a monthly income by providing services needed by the community, such as sewing, arts and crafts, food preparation, and more. These women now have a purpose, and they feel worthy and valued. The Center further serves as a relaxing, safe place for women in the community to share the gospel, pray, and worship together. A sense of community has been created where women feel like they belong and that their input matters.

Physical needs are met through the Center’s service team weekly visits to provide medical assistance. During these visits blood pressure and glucose levels can be measured, and medicine is provided to those who do not have health insurance. This service has a significant impact on the community.  Psychological and spiritual needs are also addressed, both at the Center and during the service team’s outreaches. By equipping women in specific vocations, they have the opportunity to earn money and live meaningful and dignified lives. Through discipleship with like-minded women, the Al Baraka Center continuously works to develop these women’s spiritual lives through studying the Word of God. The Al Baraka Center for Widows and the Elderly is known locally as “The Blessing Center.”

God’s blessings flow to His people from the physical, psychological, and spiritual work that happens in this place.