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Empowering the growth of the body of Jesus Christ

in the Middle East and North Africa.

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Our Involvement

Discipleship & church planting in the Middle East and North Africa in difficult areas.

Our Passion

Bringing hope, sustainability and comfort to those who are suffering and being persecuted.

Our Goal

Increase the effectiveness of Middle Eastern & North African church through supporting its growth.


Ministry Spotlight: Church Under Attack

  We are issuing a special call to prayer for the believers across the land of Syria. Persecution has greatly increased over the past weeks. There are efforts to shut down churches and potential plans to take possession of church facilities. There have been false...

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Testimony Spotlight: Ashaki’s Story of Pain to Ministry

From the ashes, emerged God’s plan for her life--something greater than she could have even imagined. Ashaki’s life has been filled with opportunity--she is a renaissance woman of sorts--a civil engineer, businesswoman, wife, and mother. Spirited, Ashaki lights up a...

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Testimony Spotlight: Rama

Before Rama got saved, she felt depressed and went to see someone.  This person claimed to be a healer who would work with angels to help her.  Rama believes she came under a curse because of this this, and started seeing terrifying visions.  She felt darkness and...

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Ministry Spotlight: Turkey

Our Ministry Spotlight for the month:   Turkey This letter was received from a couple of our field workers in Turkey: “Kings of the earth and all nations, you princes and all rulers on earth, young men and women, old men and children. Let them praise the name of...

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A Word For You: Giving

Giving Til It Hurts   Giving Til It Hurts To the right of my computer there is a glass jar with pens in it. Well, there’s supposed to be pens in it. There are people in my house who like removing these pens and putting them in places where they will never be seen...

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Testimony Spotlight: A’idah’s Story

A’idah was indifferent to most religious matters but believed that the Virgin Mary should be adored. When the war came, A’idah lost everything.  She fled with her son and found refuge in a one room apartment with no furniture. She and her son were on the verge of...

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Ways to Be Involved


We are looking for partners who are wanting ways to serve meaningfully and in ways that will impact lives for eternity. A few hours a week is a great help. There is room for coordinators, content writers, trip organizers, and more.

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Ananias House operates solely on donations. A lot of our money goes directly to discipleship and church planting in The Middle East and North Africa. Also we have significant expenses to keep our state-side base sustained and growing.


Working in The Middle East and North Africa is intense and involved. It is a big battle between war, depression, & discouragement AND life, hope, & meaning. We provide regular updates and prayer points so you can pray.

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