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Empowering the growth of the body of Jesus Christ

in the Middle East and North Africa.

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Our Involvement

Discipleship & church planting in the Middle East and North Africa in difficult areas.

Our Passion

Bringing hope, sustainability and comfort to those who are suffering and being persecuted.

Our Goal

Increase the effectiveness of Middle Eastern & North African church through supporting its growth.


Testimony: A Young Girl Shines Despite Pain And Loss

  Recently, I was allowed the honor of sitting with a young Middle Eastern girl named Miriam. She was pure joy to be with. Miriam’s sister was kidnapped last year. Sadly, kidnapping of young girls in this area is not uncommon. Christian girls are prime targets. Her...

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Ministry Spotlight: Church Planting In The MENA Region

          Our ministry spotlight this month focuses on church planting in the MENA region.  We look at the amazing story of Pastor Naasir, a church planter that opened his church’s doors to ‘others’, that loved his ‘enemies’ and someone that pointed people to Christ....

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Testimony Spotlight

        March 2019  I accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior in 2011.  I was a woman looking for God before I became a believer, but nothing seemed to work with my old faith.  No matter what I did, I didn’t feel closer to God.  I was really affected by the view...

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Ministry Spotlight: Being A Woman In Turkey

        -written by a Turkish woman To be a woman in Turkey is to be a second-class citizen of no value.  This belief and status begins at birth.  When a woman gives birth to a baby girl, it is understood that the mother may have done everything she could possibly do,...

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Testimony: A Christian’s Return to Iraq

Samir had dreamed of returning to Iraq for many years. He and his family once lived in Northern Iraq and served as missionaries to the people. Samir’s dream was granted, as God opened doors that allowed him to return to the same area he worked in eight years prior. In...

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Ministry Spotlight: Egypt

This is a letter from one of our Trainers on the field in Egypt. Please continue to pray for all our workers in the field and for God’s purpose to prevail.  We are instruments in the Hands of our Maker.  At times things don’t happen as we planned, or at the speed we...

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Ways to Be Involved


We are looking for partners who are wanting ways to serve meaningfully and in ways that will impact lives for eternity. A few hours a week is a great help. There is room for coordinators, content writers, trip organizers, and more.

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Ananias House operates solely on donations. A lot of our money goes directly to discipleship and church planting in The Middle East and North Africa. Also we have significant expenses to keep our state-side base sustained and growing.


Working in The Middle East and North Africa is intense and involved. It is a big battle between war, depression, & discouragement AND life, hope, & meaning. We provide regular updates and prayer points so you can pray.

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