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in the Middle East and North Africa.


Khaleda’s Testimony

Seven years ago, I was in Syria and I had a vision. It was like a dream, but I wasn’t sleeping. I saw myself in a war. People were fighting in all kinds of ways, and babies were crying. But in the dream, I was safe. After a few minutes, I saw a white light in the sky....

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January Prayer Requests

Women: Syrian women across the country, have lost many loved ones and are left to survive and provide for their families. Many have been displaced, left vulnerable, and exploited as refugees in different countries.  They are left to figure life out. With many coming...

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Relief Through Church: Nardin’s Story

When you hear Nardin* sharing her story, you can’t help but shed a few tears. Nardin lost her husband who was shot and killed right in front of her and her two young sons. She was left alone to care for her house and to put food on the table without any income. She...

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Are You Weak Enough to Serve God?

Most of us have that “thing” that embarrasses us. We can’t hear, or we stutter, or limp. Personally, I have a lazy eye. It’s embarrassing. Plus I can’t see well, which makes me do more embarrassing things. We despise those things that make us weak--the limitations...

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Peace on Earth?

When Christ was born, the angels declared to the shepherds, “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men” (Luke 2:14). Peace on earth? For real? Apparently those angels don’t watch the news! Where is this peace on earth? This is not a new...

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“Blessed Be Egypt My People”

As Coptic Christians in Egypt gathered for Christmas Eve Services on December 24, 2017, inside of Prince Tawadros church in Giza; they were met by large crowds of demonstrators, who began storming the church building. This took place outside of Cairo, following...

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December Testimony: Marwan’s Story

*names changed for security  Marwan…the picture of a disciple…always engaged, taking notes, ready to read scripture and answer questions, learning, learning, learning.  But just 15 months ago, he was lost.  He thought he knew Jesus, but he didn’t.  He knew about Him,...

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December Prayer Requests

Pray for a new church plant in Southern Syria among an MBB group: Praise God as hundreds of families have submitted their life to Jesus. Praise Him as a new church building has been established for worship.  Pray for protection as services have started and for more...

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A Christian School In Need

Rescuing a Lost Generation Sept. 2017, Christian Science Monitor headline warned: ISIS has planted a ticking bomb that is hard to defuse: traumatized children. The article went on to present a sobering picture of how radicalization and trauma has left an entire...

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