REPORT: Groups in Egypt

About 80 leaders of the groups that Ananias House has trained in Egypt have come together to encourage, fellowship and worship with one another. What a beautiful and powerful testimony it is for us to learn of the fruit of this ministry. Right now, these leaders have birthed 5 new groups that are ready to start training. Despite the situation and pressure, they are still meeting and continue to meet. The goal for 2017 is to add 70 new leaders to be trained as the third generation. They will go through a 4 year program. The multiplication continues to happen and we praise Jesus for His work! Let’s pray for continued growth within all the leadership teams to which Ananias House is bringing biblical training. For the Lord to continue to orchestrate the logistics, the funding and the trainers. Pray for every student in the Word that their life will bear fruit, 30, 60 and 100 times over. Pray for encouragement, stamina and boldness in the middle of such a hostile world against Christians. The growth and biblical foundation these leaders and pastors receive is a pillar in building a solid church in a dark world… for His name’s sake.

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