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Jesus Coming to Our Country

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“This war has been Jesus coming to our country” – Christian from Middle East

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We praise God, who brings life from the ashes of suffering. The One who produces vibrant blossoms in the soil of sorrow and a tear stained land.

Those who plant in tears will harvest with shouts of joy. They weep as they go to plant their seed, but they sing as they return with the harvest. Psalm 126:5-6 NIV

Refugee families who have taken refuge in camps inside the Bekaa Valley of Eastern Lebanon, recently found themselves seeking refugee — once again. While living in less than human conditions and dwelling in tents they’ve called “home,” — they were told that even this would be taken from them.

Friends of Ananias House who work amongst the refugees in this area were witness to this crisis. Having witnessed firsthand the plight of refugees and the unjust treatment they endure, they were familiar with this kind of heartbreak.

What the refugees and friends of Ananias House were about to witness would surprise many.

Refugee families watched as the demolition of their refugee camp began. Tents whose walls once held families seeking refuge fell to the ground. Men, women, and children, watched the destruction through tear soaked eyes. Weeping, crying, and pleading; “Where will we go?” “Where should we take our children?”

There along with the refugee families that day was a Lebanese TV station. They were filming the destruction taking place before all eyes. It was then that all of a sudden a woman’s voice could be heard above the sorrow filled cries. A woman with her head covered was crying in a loud voice, “Oh Jesus, we come to you. You are our helper!” The people were shocked to see a Muslim women crying out to Jesus, — but not our friends. You see our friends recognized the fruit their labor of love has produced. While they can’t change laws, or physically protect the people, — they can offer them real refuge — JESUS CHRIST!

What unimaginable joy to witness firsthand the cry of suffering people, as they call out to Jesus. You may wonder what happens to these refugee families now. We’ve learned that land has been offered to them. A space for tents they will call “home,” and a place for their children to lay their heads at night.

Please pray with us for these refugee families and their children, for physical and spiritual covering.
Please pray for our friends, who suffered the loss of their ministry tent. Pray for strength and renewed energy. Pray they will keep reaching out and loving those who are in need.
Please stand alongside us as together we stand in the gap.