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Testimony Spotlight: Spreading the Gospel Through House Churches

Meet our friends, they are laboring together for the gospel, living and working among Muslim refugees, scattering seed, and reaping a harvest for the kingdom of God.

Their faith and passion for the work of the Lord was evident when a mission team met them a few years ago.  When we connected with them again this year, it was clear that their zeal for Kingdom work and their love for their Muslim neighbors has only grown.

Together they make a powerful team for Jesus Christ. Bazah and Fadiah share the love and grace of Christ with those they live among. They work together to show the love of Jesus, share gospel-truth, and begin house churches; one family and one house at a time. They find that house churches more effectively reach and minister in the Muslim culture. The more traditional ‘church building’ model may cause unneeded issues. They oversee nearly a dozen house churches, establishing new believers on the firm foundation of Jesus Christ and emphasizing (in both words and actions) that the community of believers, the Body of Christ, is of critical importance.

When Bazah and Fadiah have a need, they turn to their brothers and sisters in Christ and they exhort others to do the same. This creates a tightly knit community of followers of Jesus; the family of God living, loving, serving, and worshiping together.  Out of this community hundreds of testimonies have been shared, which not only encourages the believers but also draw unbelievers to Christ.