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Testimony Spotlight – Aiza’s Story


Aiza’s Testimony                                      

Aiza suffered for months of internal bleeding and was scheduled for surgery.  She was a devout Muslim, wearing a burka, memorizing the Koran.  But God started to stir something in her heart.  She started a job that exposed her to God’s Word, a church family welcomed her… and then a miracle.

On the day she was supposed to have the surgery, the man driving her to the hospital asked her, “Do you believe in Jesus Christ?”  “Yes,” she said.  With that she had the sudden urge to delay her surgery.

She went home and pleaded, “I don’t want to test you, God, but I believe you are able to heal me, as you healed the woman with bleeding in the Bible.  If you heal me, I will spend the rest of my life proclaiming your Name without fear and without shame.”  Her husband was angry.  But she went to bed, praying for God to heal her.

When she woke up, the whole bed was full of blood.  She returned to the doctor fearing the worst.  The doctor performed a lot of tests on her.  “What have you done?” he asked her, “This is impossible.  You are healed!”

“Hallelujah!” she cried and from that day she proclaimed the name of Jesus her Savior and Lord.  Now two years later, she is ministering to 23 Izidi women tortured and raped in the war…listening, loving, sheltering, sharing Jesus with them and seeing them come to Christ.  Aiza is visiting families who have suffered and she is showing them the love of Jesus.  As she shares her testimony and God’s miracle of healing in her life, many come to faith.

It is important to grasp the significance of her ministry to those who have been tortured and violated.  The Middle East is an honor and shame society.  Izidi women, especially, are not allowed to marry outside their own and a woman who is raped can no longer get married—so, once raped, there is no hope.  But in the midst of that darkness, they are being shown love and care.  And they are hearing the name of Jesus.  From the Scriptures, they are being shown that they have value, worth and an identity in Christ Jesus.  They are learning that the act of rape against them was a sin against them.  And they are coming to faith and even marrying!

*Names and Places have been changed for security reasons.