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Ministry Spotlight – Egypt

Fragment of Christian temple’s architecture in Cairo.

Egypt is our Ministry Spotlight for the month: This is a letter from one of our Teachers who
shares the gospel and trains people in the Truth, in a country were Christians are persecuted.
“What comes to our minds when we think about God is the most important
thing about us.”, quote by A. W. Tozer.
If this is true…and I believe it is, it is only reasonable to give ourselves to a
meaningful and life-long study to understand more about who God is. What
comes to our minds when we think about God shapes our view of the world,
defnes meaning and purpose in our lives, influences our daily and life
choices, helps to answer life’s most difficult questions…including our eternal
This was my seventh visit to Egypt to meet with this group. And for four
intensive days, my colleague and I facilitated a course with them on the
Character of God. Now I know that no such course can ever exhaust one’s
understanding of God, but for many in this group it was a study that opened
their minds to an enlarged view of God they had not known before. It laid a
solid foundation and set them on a life-long journey to knowing Him more…
and more!
As I have mentioned before, each person is leading one or more groups
through the courses they have completed. I am not big on “keeping score”,
but they are now leading 43 groups…and plans for more! The leader, who is
a man with no small vision, closed our sessions with a challenging question:
“Who is ready to start another group?” Quickly, hands were raised from most
of the group!
During one of our long lunch breaks we sat down with the leader to discuss
the question “What’s next?” Without any hesitation and with a big smile, he
spoke of nine other areas in the country where he would like to expand this
ministry! Plans are now in the making to see this become a reality, Lord
Some ways I feel like we are “riding a wave” of God doing something very
special among them. I am so privileged to share in their lives…and they in
mine. Their eagerness to learn and to teach others is contagious. I thank you
for your faithful remembrance of these days in Egypt…they were special!
Brother Saul
*Names are changed for security reasons