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Testimony Spotlight: Abdul’s Story

Abdul grew up in a Druze family. The Druze are a secretive group of people who keep to themselves and practice their own religion.

After the war began, Abdul’s mother became a believer through a Christian friend. His family supported her but was not interested in becoming Christians. After some time, Abdul became sick and was not getting any better despite treatment. People from the church came and prayed over him and he recovered not long afterwards.

Abdul says this incident impacted him tremendously, but it did not lead to his immediate conversion. When militants surrounded the area where he lived, the men of the town armed themselves, as did Abdul. They were preparing for war.  Potentially entering armed conflict made all of them seriously consider their mortality.  Abdul started asking tough questions about life and death. He found the Christians’ answers more satisfying than the Druze beliefs. A seed was planted in his hearts.

A while later, Abdul became sick again, and once again it wasn’t until believers from the church prayed for him that he improved. These things led him to start attending church and he eventually gave his life to Jesus Christ. He is now serving in the church in home group ministries!  Abdul is a changed man!

** Name has been changed to protect identity.