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Testimonies from the Field


Ananias House supports 24 full-time ministers (frontline workers) in five countries in the Middle East and North Africa. These are dedicated men who are rising to the call to help build and restore the Church from years of conflict and persecution.

These frontline workers, some mature in their faith and some new believers, are passionate about serving the Lord through church ministry. Ananias House equips them with biblical training and supports their efforts in new church growth. Even though the conflicts, disruptions, and unpredictable circumstances are an everyday part of their lives, these pastors are persevering. The support you provide them is making a difference as they continue to serve full-time. The pastors’ families are being provided for, churches are growing and being planted, discipleship culture is developing, and God’s Good News is being spread throughout the region.

With grateful hearts, we share two testimonies directly from two of our frontline workers:

1.“Recently, a young woman, 17 years old, had been struggling with depression. Her family took her to an Islamic sheikh, or religious leader, for treatment. Through years of this treatment using the Quran as a guide, this young woman was sexually abused and assaulted by mosque leaders. Islam believes in a good and a bad Satan, and the leaders cast their spells to rid her of evil. Spiritual warfare is very present among the Muslim community.

A group of young S. Leaders (frontline workers) in Turkey fasted and prayed before they visited the woman’s family. In the past, the leaders tried to approach her and talk with her, but she refused and told them to leave her house. The family, especially her mother, was desperate for help. Those leaders continued to fast and pray and went again to the young woman’s house. During their visit, they gathered around her, prayed, and started sharing Scripture with her. She broke down and cried, and the Lord began to touch her heart. She gave her life to Jesus. Afterwards, the women from the church came around her to help her overcome her past of being abused. Her entire family is now a member of the church.”

2. While we in the West tend to think of Islam as one monolithic whole, there are really many subdivisions. Some of these groups are totally rejected by mainstream Islam because they have incorporated beliefs from many different places that are not recognized by historic Islam. Click here to see John tell the amazing testimony of our second frontline worker testimony.

We celebrate God’s goodness and faithfulness!