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Letter from A Partner Church in Turkey

Enjoy this letter we recently received from one of the pastors we support in Turkey:

“The peace and grace of our Christ be with you,

We thank God for His great work between us in these special days, and we thank God for your prayers and support to our Ministry. It was and still is a big blessing to many, and through the home visits, many came to know about the Lord Jesus Christ, and some of them accepted Him as the Savior for their lives. Hallelujah! The harvest is plentiful. 

Our Ministry team has done more than 60 visits through the last month, some visit families to share with them the Good News, some to follow up with weekly discipleship, and here we continue to pray for the increase of the discipleship groups. Also, there is a group of people who seek after the truth although they not believers, but they want to know about Christ; pray with us for them. May God open their hearts to accept Christ as their Savior. 

So far, the students of our Ministry have done more than 75% of reading the Bible. One of the students said that he couldn’t see that he will finish the Bible in this time. However, today he realized more about the Bible, and to see the events and make connections between both the Old and New Testaments, all the members of the team agree that reading it regularity has great effect on them and forming their thoughts. Now, they have the passion to read and study deeper the next time. 

The team celebrated baptisms, where 11 people shared the death and the resurrection of Christ and declared officially that they joined the body of Christ, the church. Pray with us for them to be rooted in their faith, as well for their growth in the knowledge of  Jesus Christ, and to be the light of Christ everywhere they go. 

Although we can testify of great blessings, the enemy of goodness has not stopped harassing and fighting us as a ministry team and as believers. We missed our brother E* after his leg was hurt and he couldn’t walk for two weeks. Please pray with us for healing for our brother, so he could finish with us the journey in our Ministry.

Also, please pray with us for sister S*. She is going through hard times with her family, which make her absent for a long time on the program, as she went back to her home country. Please pray for the hand of the Lord to reach her in her hard times and bring her back again to the team.

‘For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.’ – Ephesians 6:12

But we trust that we are victorious in Christ Jesus.

We have started a study series on marital relations, and the Ministry members with their wives joined this series to get more benefits. We pray that this series will be fruitful in their families because we believe that before a person becomes a successful servant, he should be in his house a faithful husband and good father. Please pray with us for the families, husbands, wives and children to be their house’s light in this dark world. In a world full of false images about God and relationship with Him, may our God restore every broken relationship. He is the only one able to make out of the eater, something to eat; out of the strong, something sweet (Judges 14:14).

Pray with us for the rest of time in our Ministry, for now we are preparing for a graduation party at the end of June. We pray that every seed becomes fruitful, and that all the efforts and teaching in the lives of the students who go out of this program will help them carry the light of the gospel everywhere; rooted in truth and standing firm in faith, ready to do every good work that God prepared for them.   

Prayer Requests:

  1. Pray with us for our new brother in faith, to grow in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ  and pray with us for the new groups we want to start.
  2. Pray with us for our brother E* and sister S*, may the Lord reach His hands to them and see them between us again.
  3. Pray with us for the preparations of the graduation, and for the all members of the team, to carry the flame and light of the gospel even after the program finishes.
  4. Pray for blessings for those who shared and support this program morally, physically, and spiritually. God only can compensate to each one who shared with this program in every way.

Love, Pastor X*”

*Names have been changed for security reasons.