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COVID-19 Response Update

Ananias House is working diligently with our church partners in order to provide relief aid to communities we serve in the MENA region. Thanks to the generous donations of our supporters, we have raised over $14,047, allowing us to donate approximately 350 relief packs that provide families with basic supplies needed to survive during this time.

One of our church partners shared a story of a refugee family who was significantly impacted, physically as well as spiritually, by the generous donations received from the relief efforts. The husband and wife are new believers and facing difficult challenges during the global pandemic. Without employment, their financial situation has become very critical. The wife is ready to give birth, but they do not have enough supplies for the newborn, not even basics clothes, diapers, or bottles.

Our church partner purchased some essential supplies for the newborn along with the relief food packs. The family was so happy and encouraged. The wife exclaimed, “I was hearing about God’s love before, but now I see it.” And when church members visited her, they found her sharing God’s Good News with her neighbors. She also asked the church members to visit her family in order to share God’s hope with them so that they may see the truth of Jesus and accept Him as a personal Savior.

These packages and supplies not only meet physical needs of the families, but also offer care and the ministry of prayer as an encouragement to families. Ananias House will continue to serve and strive to meet the needs of as many families as possible during this extremely challenging and difficult situation.