While the last decade of conflict and instability in the Middle East has resulted in large numbers of people converting to Christianity, the region’s churches have been gripped with significant challenges. Many church leaders have fled the country for security and safety reasons, creating a spiritual leadership vacuum in the region. Our strategic leadership training programs directly address these challenges and help churches strengthen their biblical foundation and Christian principles.

Also, in this region, many have been displaced by war and violence. Ananias House partners with local churches to provide life’s basic necessities to these families. Our Gospel centered resourcing also addresses longer term needs such as supporting student education and equipping the church so it can better serve the community.

Our holistic approach to ministry includes equipping community leaders with vital and fundamental training, meeting the communities’ basic needs, providing educational opportunities, and helping position the local church for sustainable growth.

“And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others.” 1 Timothy 2:2

Strategic Leadership Training

Equips pastors and leaders with theological training and leadership skills to strengthen the local church.


The continued conflict and instability has created a large spiritual leadership vacuum in the region. Ananias House is responding to the leadership crisis by empowering pastors and church leaders with theological training, leadership development, and strategic support. These leaders will in turn equip others to teach and disciple, strengthening the local church to proclaim the name of Jesus.


In this conflict torn region, many women have become the sole providers for their families and are stepping into leadership roles taking part in restoring their communities. To better equip these women to lead, Ananias House has launched a training program empowering them to be godly, competent, and confident leaders

Counseling / Trauma Healing

In some countries, many children have been exposed to the devastation of conflict and violence. These circumstances have caused significant trauma, impacting the emotional and physical aspects of their lives.

In the school environment, the harmful effects of trauma are displayed through disconnection, apathy, and at times severe behavioral problems. Ananias House equips teachers and leaders with knowledge, insight and the appropriate tools to assist these children in identifying the trauma and implementing techniques to develop coping mechanisms in hopes of restoring emotional health to their lives.

Gospel Centered Resourcing

Empowering the local church to be a place of healing, restoration, and hope.

Front Line Workers

Ananias House supports pastors and leaders in the Middle Eastern region who are strong evangelists for the Gospel. These indigenous pastors, some from Muslim backgrounds, are referred to as Front Line Workers. They understand the political, cultural and religious aspects of the areas they serve. Training and supporting these Front Line Workers is a cost effective way to impact communities. Under their leadership, churches are being planted and growing in areas where the majority people group live.

Equipping Churches

Depending on the country, the Body of Christ faces barriers in meeting together. Government pressure and religious attacks often prohibit believers from meeting in homes. Ananias House helps locate and acquire buildings for believers to gather in a safe place to conduct church life and activities. For those churches and christian centers that have been damaged or destroyed in the conflict, our ministry assists in repairing physical structures and supplies equipment for the church to gather as a community.

Relief Supplies

For those who have been displaced by war and violence, Ananias House partners with other organizations and local churches to provide relief supplies in the form of food rations, medical assistance, heaters and blankets. In these difficult and challenging times, the church can provide comfort, respite and a sense of hope. We are committed to serving those who have lost so much as well as those who are suffering for their faith.

Educational Support

Through a school partnership, Ananias House helps support the educational system and children’s programs that offer godly, Biblical teachings to over 200 students. These opportunities help ensure the next generation will be prepared to follow God’s plan of reaching their people and rebuilding their nation with His Truth and hope. We currently provide financial assistance to many of these students by covering a percentage of the cost of school fees, supplies and transportation.

Bible Printing

Ananias House is equipping the local church to reach its goal to offer the Word of God to every person we meet. We have succeeded in getting a legal permit to print the Bible and other Christian books, locally printing hundreds of thousands of copies. These Bibles are distributed not only to people in the country, but throughout the entire region. Over the last three years, we have distributed over 21,987 Bibles. These gifts shine the light of God’s love in hard to reach places.