One of the most incredible parts of serving in the ministry of Ananias House is to see how God is using the people that we are involved with–to see how committed they are to the Lord. This month we share with you a powerful story of one such a person in the MENA region.

We are involved with a network of churches in the MENA region and one of these churches recently had a baptism service with about 47 attendees, 27 of whom were Muslim Background Believers. Praise God for every soul coming to Christ! At this large, hours-long celebrations they traditionally have to mark their public confessions of faith, one of the men who was baptized shared his testimony.

This man was kidnapped by ISIS. Blindfolded, he was abducted to a place where he had no idea where he was. He was anxious and afraid, he panicked and feared for his life.  He had no idea what was happening, but they gave him a number. His number was 162.

This was the number given to him by the head of the radical group.   It served to show the order in which the men would be killed.  As they gave him that number, he couldn’t stand on his feet. He knelt, he wept… he had no hope, but he began to cry out to God.

That night as he pleaded with God, he was exhausted, overwhelmed and sure that he would be slain the next day.  But then he saw a man covered in light. Although he was blindfolded, the man in light appeared to him and told him not to worry, that he would be saved, and that He would save him. He looked at the man, and in his feebleness, thought that would be impossible. He had already been given a number. The next morning would be his turn to be executed. That night, he couldn’t sleep, although the man in the light comforted him and told him that he would be saved.

The next morning, one of the radicals walked into the room.

As he approached him, he wanted to know what #162 had done…he must have done something right. It was unexplainable – the leader of this radical group, he said, had executed number 161.   And then, suddenly gave the commandment, that number 162, could be set free.

They set him free…why, he was not sure. When they lifted the black band over his face, he ran and cried, having no idea where he was. Shortly after this, he came to church, and met Christ.  He started following the Lord Jesus, committing his life in baptism.

162 is a unique number for this man.  What God is doing in the MENA region is unique. The power of the movement of God in this area is incredible. As this man was sharing his testimony, he had the opportunity to share among hundreds of people, out in public, declaring what God has done in his life. People were shouting and worshipping as they were celebrating the Lord Jesus Christ!

May this encounter encourage you that out of darkness, He calls us into hope & into His marvelous light.  Praise God for the miracles He still performs and the amazing work He is doing in people’s lives