TESTIMONY: Leah’s Story “I am healed! Hallelujah!”

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I studied drama and graduated from the university. I worked with actors and actresses with Syrian TV for 35 years. I married and had children and we had a very stable life before the war. Then the war began. Our house was hit by a bomb and we fled to another Middle Eastern country. Everything turned upside down.

I began working with another TV program and wrote and directed plays for children’s theater. The plays were well liked by the people and the government. Then a friend offered me a job with a Christian organization doing translation. I accepted the job and began working on calendars…calendars that had Bible verses. I read every one. Then I asked for a Bible. Then I asked to visit a church. I felt something moving in me and my life changing, but I didn’t know what it was. I was attending church and praying all the time, asking the Lord to show me something; but I didn’t understand faith.

During all this time (about 3 months), I had a disease that was causing me to bleed. It was growing in my womb and I needed surgery.

A friend would ask me, “Do you believe in Jesus with all your heart?” He told me that if I did, Jesus would heal me. My surgery was scheduled for a Monday and at church on Sunday, I asked for prayer. I went to the hospital on Monday morning and, again, my friend asked me the same question. He said, “If you believe in Jesus, He will not leave you when you go into surgery.”

I felt a conflict inside myself. I went to the doctor and rejected the surgery. He told me that my situation was dangerous and I have an appointment for the surgery today; I must do it. I asked to postpone the surgery until the next day. I said to the doctor, “If God wills, I will be healed.” The doctor was very resistant but finally agreed; and my husband was angry, telling me I was crazy.

I went home, went to my room and prayed and cried. I asked Jesus, my Lord, “If you are the Son of God…able to raise the dead and heal the woman who bled for 12 years…my Lord, you can cure me. Please hear my cry and my broken heart. I ask that your blood protect me. If I am healed, I give you myself as a sacrifice.”

I cried so much and was tired, so I slept. Hours later I woke up shivering and my bed was full of blood. I called my doctor and he told me my situation was dangerous and I needed to come to the hospital. When I got there, the doctor ran some tests and then came to me and said, “This is something impossible. What have you done?” I told him I had done nothing. I had gone home and slept. Then I remembered what I had asked my Lord.

I thought to myself, “I am a sinful person. Is it possible that my Lord came to me and healed me so quickly?”

The doctor was Muslim. I told him how I had asked Jesus to heal me. He rejected this and said maybe it was because of good things I had done that God had done this for me. I said, “No!” I was healed and I knew it was Jesus who had cured me.

I was crying and left the doctor’s office filled with joy…joy first in Jesus who had heard my cry and second in my healing. My husband didn’t know if my tears were in joy or sadness. I said, “I have believed Jesus Christ with all my heart and I am healed! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!”

This was two years ago. Since then, an American TV program came to my church and interviewed me. They said, “You were Sunni Muslim and now you believe in Jesus. Aren’t you afraid ISIS will kill you or your children?” I told them, “No. Jesus is with me. I am not afraid.”

* Name has been changed for security reasons.


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