August 2017 Prayer Requests:
1. Additional pastors desperately needing support. Ananias House has identified 17 pastors and leaders who particularly need financial support so that they can concentrate full time on ministry. Churches here in the US have underwritten support for 5 of them, leaving 12 still needing funding, and support will need to be renewed for next year. PRAY that Ananias House will be able to share this need with churches and individuals who will understand and respond to this very important need. PRAY that believers here will support these pastors who could have fled Syria with their families but have chosen to stay and minister.
2. The huge need for discipleship. We rejoice that many, many people are coming to Christ, the majority of them from a Muslim background. But grounding these new believers in the faith takes much time to disciple them in the Word of God. PRAY for pastors and other mature believers to have, and be willing to give, the time to patiently teach these new Christians. Beyond the weekly worship services, these new believers need to be taught the Word in small groups where they can grapple with how to apply it in their own lives. One example: When Muslim men come to faith in Christ, they are often persecuted by their wives. In these cultures, the acceptable response is to become physically violent with their wives. It requires patient teaching and mentoring these men to help them understand how to love their wives in order to win them for Christ.
3. The danger of returning to Islam or being drawn into cults. Unless new believers are well grounded in biblical teaching, they are easily tempted to return to Islam when things get tough, or they are led astray by various cults that prey upon new Christians. PRAY that God will protect these new believers, and give pastors time and wisdom to teach them the foundational truths that will protect their hearts and minds from false teaching.

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