Ananias House

Pray for the growth of the body of Jesus Christ

in the Middle East and North Africa.


Ongoing Requests

  • Pray that the gospel would be made known to those who have yet to hear the good news.
  • Pray that the perpetrators of evil will know the Spirit’s conviction of their sin and seek the Father’s forgiveness and the Son’s new life.
  • Pray that God would bring an end to the war and conflict.
  • Pray that God would protect churches, families and individuals from hostility.
  • Pray that God would provide for the basic needs of those caught in a war zone.
  • Pray that the church would shine as a glorious representation of Christ in a place of darkness.

Archives & One-Time Requests

January Prayer Requests

Women: Syrian women across the country, have lost many loved ones and are left to survive and provide for their families. Many have been displaced, left vulnerable, and exploited as refugees in different countries.  They are left to figure life out. With many coming...

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December Prayer Requests

Pray for a new church plant in Southern Syria among an MBB group: Praise God as hundreds of families have submitted their life to Jesus. Praise Him as a new church building has been established for worship.  Pray for protection as services have started and for more...

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Suffering Is Not A New Truth

“Suffering is not a new truth, it is an old truth.” — Sarah Liu imprisoned and tortured for her Christian witness. Today, Sunday November 5, 2017 is the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church, (IDOP). Christians from around the globe will set aside time...

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SEPTEMBER 2017 PRAYER REQUESTS Prayer Requests for Leadership Trainings going on in 5 countries: Leadership Trainees: Continues growth. At one point in their study the teacher asked, “Would you like to view some more Scripture on this topic?" One young man eagerly...

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August 2017 Prayer Requests: 1.     Additional pastors desperately needing support. Ananias House has identified 17 pastors and leaders who particularly need financial support so that they can concentrate full time on ministry. Churches here in the US have...

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PRAYER POINTS: June & July 2017

June & July 2017 Monthly Prayer Points: Pray for the training ministry of Ananias House, for all the leaders and pastors being trained to have stamina, boldness and depth of character to fight the good fight in being transformed by the renewing of their mind in...

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Day 1, May 27 – Pray for the God of heaven and earth to reveal Himself in dreams and visions. Dear Lord, we pray that You will go into the world and visit those who have yet to know You. Lord, that you would meet them, — right where they are, in dreams and visions....

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Prayer Points: May 2017

May 2017 Prayer Points: Please pray for Coptic Christians in Egypt. A group of Coptic Christians on their way to a prayer meeting were ambushed aboard their bus and showered with gunfire. More than two dozen Christians have been killed and children are among the dead....

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Prayer Requests For April: * Please pray for Durzi people group. As Durzis are coming to know Jesus in numbers: For the Lord to open more hearts to personally come into a relationship with Jesus For solid discipleship and a genuine deliverance from the past as they...

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Prayer Points: March 2017

Here are some requests for March 2017. Thank you for praying! Pray for strong foundation in character and faith among the people coming to Christ. Pray for the children of Syria. Every child under the age of 6, their existence and identity is defined by the war. Pray...

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