Our ministry light this month falls on 3 of the six countries we serve in: Turkey, Syria & Iraq



Turkey as nation, has had extensive media coverage, with the economic and political events that happened in 2018.  Citizens were confronted with questions about leadership and the political climate.

In the midst of this, we noticed a revival taking place in Asia, China and Iran.  The revival also rolled over to Syria, where churches were multiplying, but it seemed to have skipped Turkey.

Current statistics suggest that there are only close to 6000 believers out of 80,81 million people living in Turkey.  Ananias House and our partners in work at Turkey, has faith that God is preparing Turkey for a breakthrough.  We have seen things pointing toward a crusade taking place in Turkey. Young people are starting to question the motive of political Islam, and people are beginning to search outside the Islamic religion, for answers.  Many individuals are turning to agnosticism and atheism.  They are searching for the truth, and for the One True God.

The focus of Ananias House in this period will be to continue preparing the church and local believers for this coming revival.  We are doing that by equipping & training disciples and bringing the church into unity.  This is done through leadership training, women ministry training and development.


We have seen revival take place in this nation.  God brought people to His own from different people groups in Syria.  We also noticed, that as the war begins to decline, the persecution is starting to increase for the believers.  While the war raged, people focused on surviving.  The focus of the enemy now is on the growth of the spiritual church and the believers.  The war of the church has just began. There are a lot of obstacles that the church is facing – the Spiritual leadership is under attack.  Satan is using his powers and people from every side to attack.

As a believer this is the time to stand up for the church.  While the war was going on the media covered it from all angles, the question is, will the media take a stand for the church?   Please continue to join us in prayer for this beautiful country!  How God has moved in Syria:

  • The gospel has influenced the Kurdush people in Syria. They are turning to the living Christ.
  • The Druze population has been affected by the gospel in a powerful way and we have seen hundreds of Druze people come to faith.
  • Under the Suni population we have seen significant amounts of people coming to know Christ. The majority of those who came to faith after the war broke out is the Suni people.  Before the war started the Shia’s was the number one people group in Syria who came to Christ in great numbers.
  • Churches were planted in every city in Syria, and churches has spread to home churches/ home groups.


We are starting to see a new phase of the church among the Kurds people group.  We are excited to see God at work, and especially among the Syrian refugees, we see a great movement of faith.

Iraq has a lot of mission organizations and missionaries and the spreading of the gospel is rapidly taking place in Iraq.  Please pray that the Lord will guide us, as we focus on training & equipping leaders.  We are taking hands with the local churches in these areas and partnering with them in arming them to become self-sustainable.

We have seen so many people come to Christ since the invasion of ISIS.  Please continue to stand in the gap for this country and pray that as God lead, we will follow.

Next month we will have a look at what God has done over the past 12 months in Lebanon, Sudan and Egypt.