MINISTRY SPOTLIGHT: Standing with Pastors Under Pressure

BACKGROUND: The years of civil war in Syria have created unimaginable destruction. Among other difficulties, two realities are creating great pressure for the relatively small number of pastors who have remained to minister. The first reality is ECONOMIC COLLAPSE. The country’s infrastructure has been destroyed in many places, factories have been reduced to rubble, and jobs are very difficult to get. The second reality is the tremendous GROWTH OF THE CHURCH. Some pastors have been bi-vocational for years—they have pastored a small flock of believers and supported their families with an outside job. Other pastors had previously been supported by their church, but as costs rise, their people have less to give. In both cases, pastors are being forced to invest hours in outside employment just to feed their families. And this comes at the very time when the tide of seekers and new believers is demanding more time than they have hours in the day. And all of the members of their church are hurting and need pastoral care. Pastors are being pushed beyond the limits of their strength by the 24/7 demands.

PRAISE: Churches here in the US have underwritten support for five of these pastors, making it possible for them to fully concentrate on preaching, teaching, and caring for their people who have suffered so much. There are now new Bible studies meeting regularly in several places because these pastors have been freed from the necessity of employment and have been able to launch studies with new believers!

GIVE: To partake in supporting these leaders and pastors as they minister to reach the lost and help the body of Jesus get discipled and grow please click here and add in the memo line “AH-Frontline workers”.

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