Ministry Spotlight: Lebanon

In Lebanon we have a church that is expanding and rapidly growing in both numbers and effectiveness. The pastor of this church comes from a Muslim background. Ever since he met the Lord, Jesus Christ, his life has been changed and he is devoting his life to sheppard his church, and reach the lost.

Through his journey of faith, this pastor had been under pressure of death threats. But he stood up to the challenge and declared his faith publicly, despite the threat of losing his life. They spit in his face, he was pressured from every angle you can think of. For 2 years he spent his time ‘fleeing’ from one place to the next, to avoid persecution. At a stage there were over 200 men looking for him.

Through grace, patience, and endurance today he pastors over 300 families, all of them Muslim background believers. In this church we see God expanding the ministry in an unbelievable way. We hear testimonies of full blown Muslims coming to know the Lord, we hear stories of miraculous healings and unexplainable restoration. We see the mighty hand of God at work. They have experienced God’s favor, his saving grace and his protective shield around them.

In a persecuted community this church is a beacon of hope.

Ananias house feels privileged to be part of the movement of God. This particular church is overgrowing the host church and it’s been incredible to see the Lord using it in unbelievable ways. Please pray with us that God would provide space for them to worship and have fellowship together. Their hearts desire is to have a location where they can have Bible studies, children’s ministries and a place they can call home. We trust that God will once again supply abundantly in their needs, please keep them in your prayers.

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