Hakim, Nijah, and their children were deeply rooted in a volatile area of the MENA region. Hakim’s brothers were fighters with the local terrorist group while Nijah’s family was the backbone of the territory’s militant group and was wholly devoted to the Muslim ideology.

Nijah studied law in her hometown university. But forced by the war, Nijah, along with her husband and children, was soon fleeing to another country, forced to leave everything behind. Without anywhere to go, they went to a church to receive food donations for refugees. Nijah started standing in line regularly from the church, for food donations. The Living Word she heard began to touch her heart. Soon, she felt called to pray for her daughter who had suffered from an undiagnosed illness her entire life. “Jesus, if you truly are God, heal my daughter,” she prayed. Within two days of supplicating to God, her daughter was completely healed, and Nijah placed more and more trust in Jesus.

Nijah says that Jesus then appeared to her in a dream, “I have had my hands on your life since you were in your hometown and I brought you here,” He told her. Nijah was overwhelmed!  She placed her faith completely in Him.

Her husband, Hakim, also had a vision – he saw himself in a grave. A hand extended from heaven, lifting him out of the grave and giving him life. Hakim’s life was changed by this!  He readily placed his faith in Jesus Christ, knowing it was He alone who could give him New Life.

Today, Hakim and Nijah are faithful servants of Christ Jesus, sharing the gospel with Muslims throughout the region. Their family has totally shunned them, cutting off all communication whatsoever. Tears stream down Nijah’s face as she shares how much they have lost in worldly terms, to gain everything in Jesus Christ.

Please pray for Hakim, Nijah, and their children as they continue to serve the Lord in the midst of persecution and hardship. They face isolation from their family and friends, they are ridiculed and persecuted.  They have suffered vastly, physically in the war, and now they suffer greatly for knowing Christ.  One thing is different though – they are thankful for their hardship that let them to know Christ.  Now their suffering is with joy! 

Pray for more families to come to know Jesus as their Savior and Lord through the living testimony of this faithful family. To God be the glory!