January Prayer Requests


Syrian women across the country, have lost many loved ones and are left to survive and provide for their families. Many have been displaced, left vulnerable, and exploited as refugees in different countries. They are left to figure life out. With many coming to know Jesus, a new generation of women leaders are on the rise. Help us pray for:

· Protection for those women that are being exploited.

· For those exploiting them to be exposed and stopped and for the for them to have the strength to say NO.

· Strength to continue moving on in the middle of loss and pain.

· For the believing women to be the refuge for other women and for their own families and for the Lord to show every woman how she can use the gifts He has given her to glorify his name

· For the Lord to raise women leaders, equip them and use them to bring truth and grow roots in Him for other women.

· Complete healing from all the suffering and pain they have encountered.

· For the church to have the tools to reach out to these women and bring the redemption of Jesus to their lives.


· Pray for protection for the church from all the false teachings and ideology that enters, and contradicts the pure foundation of the Bible.

· When the foundation of a country is shaken, corruption, the love of money, power and even survival becomes the new god. Pray for protection for the church and believers in the MENA area from these lies. Pray that the Holy Spirit will convict and the word of God will illuminate their minds and hearts to follow His character.

· Pray that the Lord may expose any schemes of the enemy against His faithful church, and that the Lord will give His church favor in the community and with the government of the land.

· The Lord’s name to be glorified and for His children to go from glory to glory.

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