We are so grateful for each of you who have invested in the global vision of Ananias House to equip the body of believers in the MENA region. This Giving Tuesday, we are asking for you to consider donating toward specific projects that we will be funding in the next few months.

Our goal for Giving Tuesday is to raise $15,000 toward the following projects:

  • For a church the Middle East to hold a retreat for youth discipleship, a Christmas retreat for the congregation, and a Christmas celebration for children providing sweaters for the winter months

  • For a new church being built in a predominantly Muslim area, to purchase equipment (organ, guitar, and laptop)

  • For essential relief aid in various countries throughout the MENA region

  • Continued support in the communities we serve

Can you also PRAY with us for:

  • Discipleship opportunities for new and young believers, especially in persecuted areas

  • God’s provision as we respond to the needs of the local church

  • Five new house churches – for wisdom and protection as they fearlessly do Kingdom work. Pray they will continue to be a light in the darkness and that God will equip them to reach the nation for Him.

  • That God would strengthen the underground church to persevere despite the difficulties they endure and to remain true to the Gospel in the face of adversity