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TRAINING UPDATE: February 2017

This month Ananias House had the opportunity to train of our groups from Syria. There were 27 leaders that came from different regions and cities to focus on Discipleship Making.

It was an encouraging time together. The leaders came from such broken environments and were able to get away and share their struggles with one another and be re-fueled to do the Lord’s work. It was amazing to watch the joy they had in worship!

One of the major needs that the Church in Syria is for their leaders to receive solid biblical training so they can disciple the huge influx of people coming to know Jesus. Please help us pray for our brothers and sisters as they fight the good fight.

Here are some prayer requests that came out of the training:
– Pray for the training up of biblical leaders that can disciple others.
– Pray for those coming to know Jesus to be discipled in God’s Word.
– Pray for the physical needs of electricity, water and a stable life.
– Pray for a church building for an MBB group to meet (rather than being kicked out from place to place)
– Pray for bigger places to meet as the churches are too small to fit the influx of new people coming.
– Pray for the young adult ministry as many are either drafted or are leaving the country.
– Pray for the ability to congregate and study together in small groups in the middle of the war.