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General Operations (AnaniasHouse001)
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Special Projects (AnaniasHouse003)
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General Operations (AnaniasHouse001)


As we seek to serve the Kingdom of God, we seek to employ the appropriate resources in order to achieve our mission. Your help in ensuring that our execution is done properly will be greatly appreciated.

Relief and Support (AnaniasHouse002)


With the atrocities that believers face in the Middle East and North Africa region, we stand with the body of Christ to be able to complete their mission in reaching those affected by suffering from all religions and backgrounds. The war torn country of Syria and refugees in other countries are in utter need for resources to survive whether in the hard winters or the hot summers, in having no water, ability to receive medical care or even electricity and food, as well as not having jobs or resources to carry on. We commit to stand in the gap on behalf of the oppressed and seek to bring the love and compassion of Jesus through the local church.

Special Projects (AnaniasHouse003)


We are very excited to announce that we are working on several special projects this year that will be used as a tool for the church in MENA (Middle East & North Africa) to continue the great commission. Special projects are anything from providing conferences , to shipping supplies to refugee camps to supporting local communities and Pastors to allow for teaching the word of God and growing their ministry. Join us as we see the Lord’s hand at work in these projects.

Church Building and Rebuilding (AnaniasHouse005)


It is exciting to run into the problem of not having a place for a new church plant birthed out of persecution and pain. It is even more exciting that many of these church plants are people who come to Jesus from different faiths. TAKE THIS SENTENCE OUT PLEASE! On the other hand, it is devastating that the body of Jesus is losing their place of worship to bombs, attacks and acts of hate. All these believers need to gather together and worship our Lord. TAKE THIS OUT! Establishing new places of worship. Fixing shelters for believers to safely meet and worship is something that we are eager to accomplish in these countries, to give the church a place where the body can come together, worship, serve and grow.

Training & Distribution (AnaniasHouse006)


The urge we receive from Middle Eastern and North African pastors and leaders for a solid biblical training is precedent. We have brought training into 6 different countries. We seek to bring up dedicated servants in the field who evangelize, shepherd and serve the Body of Jesus Christ with a biblical foundation. We seek to continually support them to grow in learning and do the work through training, education, and distribution of the word of God, as well as literature.

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