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December Prayer Requests

  • Pray for a new church plant in Southern Syria among an MBB group: Praise God as hundreds of families have submitted their life to Jesus. Praise Him as a new church building has been established for worship. 
    • Pray for protection as services have started and for more people to come to know Christ. 
    • Pray for the pastors and leaders for wisdom, growth and that the Lord may raise them to be men of God in their community.
    • Pray for the Biblical truth to be rooted in this new body of Jesus and that the Holy Spirit will purify from any religious or cultural identity that is not of Christ.
  • Pray for South Sudan:
    • Many diseases are infesting the area. Our pastor and leaders are sick and are in need of medical attention. Pray for the spiritual healing in the land as well from all the past aggression and poverty and for true faith in the word of God.
  • Pray for Salvation for the families of the new believers in MENA: It used to be very hard for someone to come into faith in Christ from a different faith because of family pressure, persecution and the walls that are built against faith in Jesus. People were not able to question or go outside of family limits. Now, with so much chaos, brokenness and unrest in the region, families have been physically separated and people have been not afraid anymore to seek the Truth. Walls have down and many are coming to Christ. We need to pray for the families and extended families of these believers that they would come to know Jesus as well.