As Christian’s we get to freely celebrate the wonder of Christmas – a Savior born unto us!  While we have the liberty to celebrate this festive time with friends and family, rejoicing the wonderful news that the Lord Jesus Christ came to earth, here are some interesting facts about how many Christians in the Middle East and North Africa experience this season:

  • Some of our brothers and sisters are hiding, fearful for their lives. They are also concerned about the churches, as these are under attack.  For some of them this time is not a festive time, but a time of declaration as they claim, “He is worth our lives.” They are seeing this time as a reminder of the greatest gift, of a Savior born.  Their gift now is the honor of putting their lives on the line amid threats and even death, for the sake of our Savior.

These are far off not persecuted people, these are our brothers and sisters.

Let us pray for them and for ourselves:

  • The Spirit of God will lighten their hearts and give them courage, comfort and joy. In most of these cases, we as Ananias House feels hopeless as resource, as we cannot do anything physically to change this or make a difference in certain situations. But we do know prayer works. Would you pray for them, they deserve our voices. Your voice has access to God ears.


  • Satan is currently using a man, which we will call Sam. Pray that the Lord will change the heart of Sam and he will stop persecuting the church and believers in Syria. May the Lord turn his frustration and anger into love and mercy.


  • Pray that we will be able to recognize that our lives are a gift to our Savior. Everything, from our hidden thoughts to the things we need to sacrifice – He is worth it.


  • Brother John will have a meeting among Church Pastors and the head of denominations in Egypt, Syria and Turkey. Please pray for his time with them, so we can continue to seek serving the Living God alongside them in those countries.


  • Pray for our team as we seek to build and be a voice for the body of Christ in the MENA area. Our staff is growing, and we are praying for office space in the Houston area.


  • Pray that we can continue to be an encouragement to you and your family as much as you have been to us and for the believers across the Muslim world.