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A Christian School In Need

Rescuing a Lost Generation
Sept. 2017, Christian Science Monitor headline warned: ISIS has planted a ticking bomb that
is hard to defuse: traumatized children. The article went on to present a sobering picture of
how radicalization and trauma has left an entire generation of children in Iraq and Syria
fundamentally broken. A ggression, anxiety, fear, depression, and PTSD are expressed in
violent outbursts and withdrawal into sadness.
“Every time I visit Syria, I am heartbroken as I see the war ’ s impact on children. Some boys
and girls tell me that they are never allowed to play outside. They live in an area still in conflict,
and their parents are afraid that at any time a bomb could fall on their street. In other places,
I’ve watched children pick through the rubble of what used to be homes, shops, and schools,
searching for something to use as a toy. Many of their faces reflect no expression — the result
of experiencing only war and insecurity for their entire lives,” an Ananias House contact shares.
But we want to tell you about a corner of Syria where, by the grace of God, the lives of children
are very different. That place is School of the Book. For many years this school has been a life –
transforming oasis for hundreds of children who have studied there.
School of the Book was once a Communist – run school with poor academics. By God ’ s grace,
Christians were able to take over the school and raise the educational standards so that it now
has such a good reputation that even Muslim parents want to send their children there. But
more important than the academics is the impact of Christian teaching that happens inside
these walls .
This school is unique in all of Syria because it is the only Christian school with government
accreditation. Best of all, it has loving teachers and a strong core of Biblical teaching. Many of
the children enter the school sullen and angry. But in time, God’s Word consistently taught by
godly adults brings healing and hope.
Allow us to introduce you to two of our students, Basim and Elina, who are both in the third
grade. They are asking you to pray for them. Basim wants to grow up to be a minister for
the Lord and asks that you pray that he will come to know Him better. Elina struggles with many
fears and asks that you pray that the Lord will make her strong to deal with the losses she has
suffered and the unknowns about her future.
Sadly, dozens of students like Basim and Elina cannot afford the school ’ s very low tuition.
Many of these students will have to leave this wonderful environment unless we can increase
the amount of scholarship aid that we can provide. Will you help us at this special time of year?
Just $27/month ($324 for a whole year) will keep one of these precious children in a life –
changing classroom environment.
We must share with you another need. There is no public school transportation in Syria, so
School of the Book must rent buses and vans to take the children to and from school each day.
As you can see from this picture, our rented vehicles are dangerously overloaded. We know that
it is essential to purchase our own buses to be able to transport our students more safely. A
good, used, 29 – passenger minibus will cost us approximately $35,000, and we need several.
Your generous support will mean precious children can continue their education in a Christian
setting where God ’ s love can overcome the effects of terrible trauma in their lives.
Thank you for caring about the children of Syria!
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